In 1886, Union Methodist Episcopal Church, located at Garrison and Lucas Avenues in the Piety Hill area of St. Louis, observed that many of their members were leaving the old neighborhood to build homes farther west. Thinking that a church would be needed in the new suburbs, they appointed a committee to look into establishing a new Methodist church “somewhere west of Vandeventer Avenue.”

The committee chose Lindell Avenue as the site for the new church. At that time, Lindell was fast becoming one of St. Louis' fashionable thoroughfares, lined with stately new homes with broad lawns and overhanging trees. In 1887, the Board of Trustees of Union Church purchased a property at the southwest corner of Lindell and Newstead Avenues and in 1892 the first worship service was held in the new stone chapel.

The westward population migration continued over the next 15 years, and residents in the area around the church followed the westward trend. The congregation determined that the church, too, should move west. A site was chosen at the corner of Skinker Road and Waterman Avenue. On March 18, 1913, ground was broken and, beginning with the chapel, the process of moving the church buildings from Lindell to the new location was started. Fred C. Bonsack, the architect in charge of the removal, wrote, “As the old edifice was torn down the new one was erected in the new location, the top stones of the old church becoming the bottom stones of the new church.” The first services were held in the new location on September 21, 1913. The church was renamed Grace Methodist Episcopal Church and was rededicated on October 11, 1914.

A more in-depth history of the church is available. If you would like a copy, please click here and request a copy.

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